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Synthetics International's focus and expertise is in the area of concrete floor moisture research, product development and treatment technology production.  We are among a limited number of professionals who consult on the entire concrete moisture process to limit your exposure to flooring failures and manufacturer a unique line of treatment products for the commercial building industry. 

We are your only call when it comes to concrete moisture and flooring problems.  We offer in depth real world knowledge on concrete floor moisture, proper concrete moisture testing methods and quick answers to the difficult questions.  It is this area of expertise that is used by some of the nation’s largest companies to develop specifications, standard practices, review submittals, contractor RFI's and explore the world of concrete moisture treatment type products. 

Synthetics International has formulated a limited number of products that focus on the treatment of concrete moisture and alkalinity.  In years past, concrete moisture treatments were selected purely on the length of a products warranty.  As the construction industry has continued to evolve, product selection is now based on many factors that include LEED points, indoor air quality properties and more in depth ASTM testing process like ASTM E96, ASTM D1308 and other methods for determining a products performance.  

Synthetics International's products convene what a client wants.  With a standard 15 year warranty program, products that improve indoor air quality by LEED EQ and CHPS EQ standards and advanced ASTM testing we set the standard for hundreds of projects each year.