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Building Design

The best concrete floor moisture knowledge is gained during the construction of a project.  Projects with high concrete floor moisture results are typically a sign of much needed updates to specifications, possible communication among the construction team and exploring in field practices.  

Synthetics International's assistance during the early stages of a project can reduce your expoure to concrete floor moisture.  In fact, we assist in integrating our products and other manufactures products into all areas of Division 3, 7 and 9 scopes.  We find its a combination of products that work together in preventing concrete floor moisture.  This leads to lower floor moisture results, integration of moisture treatment technologies, limits change orders for overlooked items and allows flooring applications on schedule.

Often a local flooring contractor, concrete contractor or a flooring manufacturer are contacted for answers to difficult technical questions.  Although the response is limited to products they sell, products they install or what they have heard from others to be a good solution.  This offers little assistance for bettering future building design, improving building specs and limiting in field issues.