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Anyone working with concrete knows "all concrete cracks".  A small crack on the surface of the concrete may be much larger under the smooth concrete surface you see before installing a flooring system.  In fact, many moisture treatment companies and flooring manufactures do not warranty cracks, do not recommend sealing cracks and offer limited information on crack sealing methods.

The use of a liquid applied, two-component moisture treatment technology is the best system for treated cracks.  A product that has some flex and allows for concrete movement after application will aid in reducing  moisture movement and re-exposure of the crack after the floor is installed. 

The use of flooring adhesives, concrete floor patching products or products which do not create a film over the surface of the concrete surface will not provide any type of protection.  The goal is to restrict the movement of dampness by properly cleaning and filling the crack to prevent dampness from reaching the under side of the flooring adhesive, floor patch and moisture treatment product.

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