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Central East Correctional Centre

Location: Canada
Architect: The Greer Galloway Group, Inc.
Scope: 8,500 square feet

  • Moisture Damage
  • Concrete Moisture
  • project
  • project 2
  • moisture treatment
  • moisture tolerances
  • Concrete Moisture Damage
  • Concrete Sealer
  • Moisture barrier

In the late summer months of 2008 The Greer Galloway Group began its research on concrete moisture and flooring repairs at the Central East Correctional Centre in Canada. Their objective was to select a product with long term moisture resistance, remain hygienic and would not chip, peel or delaminate under inmate abuse and moisture exposure. The existing VCT flooring had obvious signs of long term moisture damage and was lifting from the substrate.

Synthetics International was contacted during the initial stages of their research and soon became an integral part of the project. The original repair scope was to install a new VCT floor and soon moved towards a seamless floor coating. The design of the floor soon changed when comparing the cost of a VCT floor VS a well known epoxy floor coating system. During the selection process, Synthetics International had mentioned the durability of Synthetic30 and its past use as a finished floor coating during the construction process. The use of a moisture treatment coat as the finished flooring system was ideal for this project to reduce costs and meet moisture tolerances.

In September, the Synthetic30 moisture treatment was installed to 8,500 square feet of floor area. The treatment areas include walkways, cells, storage areas and common areas. After a year of installed performance, the Synthetic30 coating maintains its durability and moisture tolerance under constant use.

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