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Cisco Systems

Scope: 10,000 square feet
Product: Synthetic30
Floor Area: Slab on Grade
Condition: Tenant Improvement
Installation: 2008

  • Preventing concrete moisture
  • Preventing concrete moisture
  • Preventing concrete moisture
  • Preventing concrete moisture
  • Preventing concrete moisture

During the early stages of this 10,000 square foot Cisco Systems renovation, concrete alkalinity-pH (ASTM F710) and water vapor emission tests (ASTM F1869) were performed to evaluate the concrete and existing building conditions.  Results exceeded the installation requirements for the new Interface carpet tile system and the factory technical personnel recommended an approved treatment product be applied to prepare the concrete for a warranted installation. 

A little history on the carpet system….Interface is a world leader in modular and broadloom carpet systems for a wide range of commercial environments including corporate, healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and government.  The company’s roots in carpet tile manufacturing dates back 50 years to the invention by a Dutch company called Heuga.

Today the modern carpet tile systems include a sustainable backing system which allows for long term cleaning and excellent wear life.  The unique backing system also increases the sensitivity to concrete originated moisture due to its density, rubber like properties, to prevent the escape of concrete originated water vapor emission.  Higher vapor emission readings increase the potential for the backing of the carpet tile to block moisture passage until it becomes physical water (sometimes referred to as hydrostatic pressure) and the available alkalinity-pH levels from within the concrete are increased to cause a multitude of damaging effects. 

Long term damage may include chemical attack of the installed adhesives, backing system and questionable odors.  In some causes, high moisture vapor readings and any small food source allows the growth of mold at the concrete surface (under the backing system).

To avoid the potential damage, the Synthetic30 treatment was approved for use and applied over the entire concrete slab before walls, cabinets and other finishes were installed.   Concrete surfaces were shot blasted to allow the product maximum penetration into the damp slab and in just a few hours after the Synthetic30 application, the moisture levels were within compliance for a warranted carpet tile installation. 

The standard Interface carpet tile warranty was issued with the added bonus of a Synthetics International 15 year floor moisture protection warranty.  It’s been a few years since our installation and the Interface floors look beautiful!

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