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Dorothy McElhinney Middle School

Location: Murrieta, CA
Architect: WLC Architects
Installer: Empire Floor Coverings, Inc.
Scope: 22,200 square feet
Product: Synthetic30
Flooring: Decorative Epoxy

  • Dorothy McElhinney Middle School
  • Dorothy McElhinney Middle School 2
  • Dorothy McElhinney Middle School 3
  • Dorothy McElhinney Middle School 4
  • Dorothy McElhinney Middle School 5
  • Finished floor with textured moisture barrier
  • Finished floor with textured moisture barrier view 2
  • texture
  • concrete mositure synthetics floor
  • finished floor with Synthetic30
  • before
  • finished floor with concrete sealer
  • Concrete moisture resistance sealer- Synthetic30

McElhinney Middle School was named after Dorothy McElhinney who married Dr. Philip McElhinney at the age of 22, she drove her herd of horses out west to the 400-acre Pinto Ranch in 1928 and has been mentioned in the biographical directory, Who’s Who in the Old West. The McElhinney family members retained a portion of the ranch and still reside near the school which is the Murrieta Valley Unified School District's forth middle school. This massive $48,000,000 structure with a total foot print of 156,000 square feet, is now home to 745 students which receives ongoing transfers of 200 students yearly from Monte Vista Elementary and Lisa J. Mails Elementary School.

Synthetics International is proud to have contributed it’s Synthetic30 moisture treatment and a decorative coating system to 22,200 square feet of floor space. The final floor offers the district's long term moisture resistance, ultra-low maintence and a decorative feel not to be missed by students. A solid floor, without the concerns of concrete moisture!

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