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Price Chopper Food and Pharmacy

Location: Torrington, CT
Installer: Union Flooring Installations
Scope: 31,000 square feet

  • Moisture Damage
  • Moisture Sealer
  • Concrete Moisture
  • Price Chopper
  • retail flooring installation
  • resurfacing the floor with a layer of cement patching product
  • resurfacing the floor with a Concrete Moisture Sealer
  • concrete moisture treatment options
  • Floor preparation (shot-blasting) for concrete moisture barrier

Among the hundreds of projects we complete each year, retail grocery store renovations are on the rise. Most existing shopping centers are upgrading their decor for a more modern looking environment to attract shoppers. Let’s face it, we select a shopping center based appearance and the modernization of the store.

Although, we all experience the magical transformation of our local shopping center, the process takes a lot of execution. In fact, almost all renovations are implemented after store hours so the customers are never troubled with this experience. The process challenges Owners and Contractors alike during the long night hours, rushed installations and continued ongoing store operations with customers shopping into the late night hours.

With all this considered, the Price Chopper Food Store in Torrington, Connecticut provided a challenge for Union Flooring Installations. They had to complete a standard retail flooring installation and solve the stores pre-existing concrete moisture condition. The concrete moisture results confirmed the store had moisture levels up to 16 lbs., which exceeded all flooring adhesives manufacturer requirements and greatly limited the moisture treatment options. Not to mention the installation scheduled at night and during a Connecticut winter presented its own concerns for the material drying process. In a world among competition, this project had very few options.

Synthetics International and Union Flooring Installations accepted the challenge with a well executed plan of installing the Synthetic30 moisture treatment in a one night process. The plan consisted of
floor preparation (shot-blasting), Synthetic30 application and resurfacing the floor with a layer of cement patching product in less than 8 hours. The stores traffic and customer shopping schedule was to remain undisturbed during the day time hours. The new vinyl composition tile followed in the nights to come.

We are pleased at the success of this entire project and the execution of application. Also, the next time you visit a shopping center during a renovation, please take notice of the white Synthetic30 moisture treatment where the isles are marked off. The floor is really sticky and locating your Ben & Jerry's just isn’t worth it!

Thousands of carts wheels, shoppers and vendors drag their goods across these floors every day. This is truly a successful Synthetics International reference!

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